Winnebago County Bar Association

The Winnebago County Bar Association will promote and support the practice of law and the administration of justice according to the highest standards while also serving its members through education, collegiality and opportunities for public service.

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Below are a few helpful Publications, regarding law, and other related topics. 

CLE Financial Hardship Policy
Download File: Financial Hardship Policy.pdf

CLE Financial Hardship Grant Request
Download File: CLE Grant Application.pdf

By-Laws of the Winnebago County Bar Association
Download File: Bylaws of the WCBA.pdf

Mentor Application
Download File: Mentor Application_3.pdf

Traffic Court Flow Chart
Download File: Traffic Flow Chart 2013.doc

Income Withholding for Support
Download File: Income Withholding for Support.pdf

Income Witholding for Support form.  Revised 2013.  

30 Day Summons
Download File: CC-45 V3 Summons_30 Day1 (2).pdf

Existing CC-12 Wage Deduction
Download File: existing cc-12-2013.pdf

Proposed CC-12 Wage Deduction
Download File: Proposed CC-12 V3 6 27 13 Wage Order.pdf

General Order 4.05-Educational Program for Parents
Download File: General Order 4.05 Educational Program for Parents 5-2014.pdf

General Order 4.05-Educational Program for Parents

Draft GAL Rule
Download File: Draft Rule GAL.pdf